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FAST COMPANY - Why you Should Cut out Jargon From all Workplace Communication

| March 15, 2021 |

No matter where you work, effective communication means speaking candidly and avoiding platitudes that only confuse and frustrate your colleagues.

Thank you Fast Company for publishing my article today on not settling for the current state of workplace communication. Corporate platitudes and jargon are deflating. Euphemisms, and turning nouns into verbs and verbs into nouns generally confuse speech and even create needless exclusionary hierarchy. However, communication that demonstrates candor and respect can transform workplaces into more harmonious, efficient, and human environments. Short sentences and existing language are sometimes not easy because candor can be uncomfortable. But discomfort is also sometimes what we need to be creative, to do our jobs, and lead teams.

As we struggle to figure out dynamics and standards around increasingly more sensitive topics like language, race, and gender, we need clarity, kindness, and humanity in the workplace more than ever.

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