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Chief Dot Connector

| November 21, 2019 |

As a Chief Dot Connector, I have the privilege of connecting the dots among strategy, technology, service offerings and products. Ultimately, this means having the opportunity to drive value in the customer and client journey in part by being data-driven. But, it means so much more.

A Chief Dot Connector means being creative and connecting people to others for the purpose of empowerment. Just last week, I was out to supper with a Chief Legal Officer who mentioned that we all "wear so many hats." She and I initially met at a community event and bonded over a collective focus. That focus has led to an almost twenty year friendship where we help elevate each other, often through small gestures.

But, isn't our most important hat that of collaborating - people empowering other people and helping to position someone for success.

It was a pleasure to be a guest on the Wonder Women in Business Podcast to discuss some of my personal philosophies and share tips with other women in business. When we all share our experiences, we offer ourselves to the marketplace and our communities.



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