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THE LEGAL S/LANT PODCAST - Say Yes to the Things You Don't Think You Can Do

| January 8, 2020 |

Early in my career I had a tremendous opportunity to work on a project directly with the highest commanding officer in the Marines, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Carl E. Mundy. As part of the project, I hesitated when General Mundy asked me to take on a new responsibility as it was something I had never done. He told me to “Say Yes to the Things You Don’t Think You Can Do,” and it helped set the tone for the way I chartered my career and the way I help to empower teams.

I was extremely honored to be asked to join two legal marketing industry colleagues, Jessica Jaramillo and Vanessa Petrea, as a guest on their podcast, The Legal S/ant. The podcast is focused on bringing the legal marketing community together to provide wisdom, humor and camaraderie. In Part 1 of my discussion, “Say Yes to the Things You Don’t Think You Can Do,” Jessica, Vanessa and I have a lively dialogue about some of the moments that have helped shape my career to date.

For takeaways, including why building a team charter is important, please listen here:

Key Takeaways:

1. Be Introspective. It is important to be introspective in order to receive constructive feedback throughout one’s career.

2. Engage in Mentor and Mentee Relationships Throughout Your Career. Giving back and relating to people is important. It helps you to pivot and take on difficult situations head-on.

3. Team Leaders are Also Team Members. As you ‘ascend up the ladder in your career,’ there is one factor that ties teams together, trust.

4. Be Transparent. Another aspect of trust is to make sure that you are up front with your team about goal-setting and organizational changes. This will help to create cohesiveness and serve as a mechanism to promote enthusiasm.


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