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How Midsize Law Firms Can Protect Their Market Shares

| September 23, 2022 | Thank you Patrick Fuller, Hank Grezlak, ALM, and ALM Intelligence for having me as a panelist along with Charles Robert Bone from the “other” music city (Nashville) to discuss how midsize law firms can protect their market shares.

A few key highlights included:

· All law firms need to ensure to go through a process of fully understanding their own identities and communicate what true client value is (Hint: it’s not always the same for every client).

· Clients are seeking more than advice regarding legal risk. They are seeking help from outside counsel on ways to mitigate their own business risk. Know your clients’ businesses.

· Leadership in today’s law firms involves creating a shared sense of responsibility internally. All employees are seeking access to knowledge sharing and involvement in important strategic issues. Employees want to work in a team environment.

· Culture matters for future success both internally, and in client retention and expansion.

For the entire webinar,


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